26 Oct 2014

Taking Account

There is something about looking back that always makes me look to the future. This time the memories were triggered by an old grey calculator with my staff number painted on the back in red nail varnish. An item that feels reliable and links me to a previous career in the airlines in the days before digital dominated. The 90’s to be exact.

The old grey calculator accompanied me on many a night flight to Ibiza where the club 18 - 30 holidaymakers parted with their pesetas in exchange for vodka’s and coke or bottles of CKOne from the duty free trolley. It reminds me of the fun we had as a crew. The portable mirrorball we’d stick to the galley ceiling for ‘silent’ disco dance offs at 4am (whilst the passengers slept on each other’s shoulders, flaky sun burnt skin peeling onto the seats) or the view from the flight deck cruising at 30,000 feet over the Alps. ‘Pucka mate’ cockney geezers at Heathrow. Night stops in Brussels at the Hairy Canary. Petite dejeuner in Paris and a job that involved a daily balance of routine and the great unknown. Airports bursting with stories, life going around and around on the baggage carousel. Travellers in a daze, in despair, jovial, excited or full of hope.

There were parts of the job that were more of a challenge. Getting up at 3.30am, being thrown into the metal door handle during turbulence, aggressive passengers and being handed bags of warm sick don’t feature among my favourite moments. The airlines taught me a lot about people, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and quite frankly, just getting on with it. Valuable lessons and disciplines I lean on in my current working life.

I've had several jobs and a business since leaving the airline.The old grey calculator is now used for grown up ‘stuff’ like accounts and tax returns. I've swapped the notes on napkins for spreadsheets. I drink the coffee instead of serving it with a smile.

I love my current choice of career but as I approach my fourth anniversary as a marketing consultant it’s time to evaluate where I focus my time and energy. I was happy as a one woman show but after a fantastic summer contract working with a creative, motivated, fun loving team the thought of being an island again is less appealing. 

I’m definitely not looking for a permanent role. I enjoy self-employment and floating in and out of different offices and projects too much. I’m just evaluating what makes me happy in a working environment and thinking out loud about what direction to take.

I've a plane to catch in December to the other side of the world for a well-earned holiday and time with my family. Early 2015 I’ll be back in the UK and available for new projects.

If your team require support in social media, marketing, PR, content creation or business development feel free to get in touch. I no longer have the portable mirrorball but I've still got a sense of fun and as my client recommendations show, I deliver results.

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