17 Jan 2014

Value your Network - a LinkedIn tip

A new year and a whole new barrage of emails from LinkedIn connections. Fantastic, lots of new opportunities and sales leads and coffee invitations..... not quite. It seems to be more and more 'popular' for LinkedIn users to send the same Round Robin email to every single connection in their network regardless of sector, role, position within a company and interests. I've had three already this morning none of which have any relevance to the work I do, the work I want to do or personal interests. Does this approach deliver results?  

Above the actual message you'll notice that there is an option 'Report Spam' but that feels a bit harsh so I was very bold/ honest/ direct and replied to those who had sent the message and explained why this approach alienates me which I'm guessing is the opposite to the reaction they were aiming for. Do you consider this form of communication as spam or do you find it successful? I'd love to know your thoughts.

My approach to LinkedIn focuses less on 'Dear All' and more on building relationships with people as individuals. If I have general news to share I add it as a status update. If I have information that is relevant to a specific sector then I share it with a specific group. One of the most important assets I have in business is my network and the last thing I want to do is alienate people. 

My top tip for LinkedIn would be to place great value on your connections, invest time and effort into continuing and building relationships on and offline and remember that whilst people agreed to connect with you, they didn't sign up for a random mailing list.

If you are new to LinkedIn this article offers 5 tips for LinkedIn etiquette. If you've set up social media accounts but don't know where to start, and require training, reviews or strategic advice then feel free to contact me.

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