30 Jun 2013

Is LinkedIn morphing into Facebook?

Is LinkedIn morphing into Facebook? 

Personally I prefer to separate my work from my private life. Lately amongst my network on Linkedin I've noticed that the lines between business and pleasure appear to be blurring. In the last week I've spotted announcements of births, deaths and marriages, ‘like’ to win competitions, a dirty joke and the odd expletive. Swearing in a work environment may or may not be offensive based on your sector or personal opinion, but is it acceptable to the wider network who view your updates? Will your profile be overlooked if potential employers know you're about to get married and disappear on honeymoon for a month or that you've returned to work after a period of illness?

I work in social media and train everyone from the office junior to the CEO on how to use social networks effectively. Anyone can learn which buttons to press, that’s the easy part, but the challenge can be focusing on the objective. Why are you using LinkedIn? What do you want to achieve from investing time in it? Who do you want to connect with?

I wonder if those who are going down the ‘Like’ this post to win route are being clever or lazy? How good can business be if you need to offer a share of your lottery winnings to get people to notice you?

Encouraging people to subscribe to updates by 'liking' your Company Profile is strongly recommended but if the content is poor what impression does that give of your product, service or organisation? 

Personally the more updates I see of little interest or value, the more I reach for the hide button, which you’ll locate if you hover your mouse to the right corner of the update.

I’d love your thoughts on this. Have you noticed a change in the style and topic of updates amongst your network in the last few months? Is this change an improvement or an unwanted distraction?

Please feel free to share your comments on this blog, on LinkedIn, Google+ or on twitter @AnnieBeee. You’ll notice I've missed out Facebook, that’s reserved for close friends, family and where I’ll happily to take a share of your lottery winnings.

If you are new to LinkedIn and want some top tips then this article covers the basics.

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