1 Feb 2013

Isle of Cumbrae

A client has just sent me this beautiful photograph of the Isle of Cumbrae, or Millport as it's more commonly known. This is going to be the view from my office next week and it's so gorgeous I just had to share it. 

I'll be getting the ferry from Largs, which brings back memories of my Granny treating us to ice-cream from Nardini's and many a 'summer' holiday spent walking along the esplanade in the pouring rain. Happy days ....isn't it great to be Scottish?

Update 7th Feb -  The ferry had a technical problem so I owe a very big thanks to the team at National Watersports Centre Cumbrae for the best commute to and from work EVER! They even let me drive on the way back to Largs, bouncing over the waves (screaming like a girl!) and having the time of my life. I highly recommend a visit! Keep up to date with their news on twitter @Sail_Cumbrae .

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