4 Jan 2013

Kick Start and Spring Clean

My Granny drummed into me that to bring in the New Year your home should be spotless and ready for a fresh start. It’s a tradition I stick to and one that I find oddly reassuring.  Now as I return to work I need to refresh my plans for the coming months. I like to be organised and I like having a system, it’s crucial to delivering work on time, but I really dislike routine. Routine is a bit too safe, boring, monotonous, often the easy option ….and who wants to be predictable?

The same thinking can be applied to your social media presence. Remember that strategy you developed? The one that’s hidden in your documents folder or buried at the bottom of the drawer? Time to re-visit and refresh it! What habits have you fallen into, and what points have you overlooked?

Are you promoting the same message/product, in the same format, over and over again? Are you stuck in a routine? Is your audience still listening or are they fed up with the same predictable posts? If you’re not excited or motivated by your own social media activity how on earth do you expect to engage your audience?

  • Have your objectives / resources / services changed?
  • Has your target market changed?
  • How varied are the topics and guest authors on your blog?
  • When was the last time you changed the cover image on your Facebook page?
  • What posts were best received in the last 3 months and what posts sunk like a stone?
  • What’s new, innovative, exciting in your sector?
  • List 5 things you discovered about your audience from recent activity on social media 

January is the perfect time for a shake up! A time to swap predictable for dynamic, unique, entertaining, informative or eye catching........ because who wants to be average, ‘nice’, or run of the mill? 

If I can help review or develop your social media strategy feel free to get in touch with me at annie at annieboyd dot com.

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