5 Jan 2013

All That Jazz

image courtesty of pursuitist.com

At 14 I bought ‘Take Five’ by Dave Brubeck, it was the first jazz album I ever owned and introduced me to a world I knew nothing of. I was mesmerised by the music, even if it wasn’t cool amongst my peers. I have been a jazz fan ever since. Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Getz, Kenny Ball, Miles Davis and Madeleine Peyroux have carried me through the various stages of my life. It is a love affair that I enjoy alone as it’s safe to say my friends aren’t fans of jazz …. and never will be if their comments are anything to go by!

When Dave Brubeck passed away in December I searched twitter for other fans that were paying their respects to the 91 year old musician and sharing their memories. It was wonderful to find other people who appreciated his talent and to have online conversations with them. A shared passion, an appreciation, a respect for the legendary jazz man.

I learned a lot from the tweets that evening, there were so many links to YouTube clips, sound bites, blogs and news articles. At last, I had some pals to share my love of jazz with! I didn’t bother posting anything on my personal Facebook profile as my friends just don’t ‘get’ jazz. My post would have been ignored, comment free - I was more likely to get a response talking to the wall.

Why am I writing about this on my business blog? Two reasons.

1) Passion! When you talk passionately on a subject, show enthusiasm, have inside knowledge, share information, react with excitement or emotion……it creates a response from others. Finding common ground is the best way to build relationships and create an online community.

2 )   Fish where the fish are ……. Before you set up a social media account for your business do some research, listen to conversations, search for specific subjects. Where is the best place to invest your time and which network will deliver the best response/ results?

If you are reading this blog and don’t recognise the names of the musicians then you are in for a treat.  Find a quiet spot, close your eyes and listen to Stan Getz playing Ligia. You'll never look back.

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