14 Nov 2012

Pilots, Gliders and Vampires

I like to think I'm open minded but lately I find myself putting people into three categories.

Pilots are people who take you on a journey. They have the skills and expertise to know the right direction, to help map out the route, to communicate effectively and to get you from A to B. The journey might take an unexpected detour, there may be some turbulence, but ultimately you travel together and arrive at the destination having enjoyed the experience.

Gliders take you to the top of the mountain, strap you in tight, hand you the controls and give you the motivation and self-belief to leap off the side. You are alone, but if you have a wobble, gliders offer the support you need to stay focused. Gliders encourage you to soar.

Vampires suck the life out of you. Sometimes no-one else can see their teeth marks on your neck, but the imprints are definitely there. They are constant complainers who frequently bring others down with their negativity. Vampires may be unaware of the impact they have on the team, but over exposure to them can be deadly.

Thankfully I find pilots and gliders in abundance and they make me love my job. Our ideas flow, we deliver better results and we have a good time working together. 

As for the vampires …well, I've tried cajooling, listening, encouraging and straight talking. It takes all my energy and I get little in return. A perk of self-employment is that mainly you have a choice in who you work with.  Life’s short and I’d rather be soaring through the sky than sitting beside the drain.

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