12 Apr 2012

Adding value

Social media, it’s a bit like the January sales, or rush hour on the tube or the pub on a bank holiday weekend. It’s crowded, it’s noisy and if you don’t sharpen your elbows there’s a high chance someone else is going to push in front of you.

The following accounts have caught my eye on twitter lately because in some form or other they add value to my day. They are current and in tune with the world at large. They are intelligent, informative, witty or endearing. These accounts aren’t ‘selling’ anything, they are simply having a chat, sharing a story and making me, and many others smile. It’s that simple. They add value to my day because they make me feel good, they educate me, they inspire me or they trigger a memory that provokes an emotion.

@BigTamConnery - Humorisht, Philosopher, Schot, Man of myshtery
@blipfoto - a daily snapshot into the lives of others
@ESparkUK - supporting Scotland's start up businesses
@Kiltr - news and views, worth watching!
@Queen_UK - is it Gin o'clock yet?

If your social media accounts are not driving traffic to your website, generating enquiries, selling tickets, gaining PR coverage or whatever your goal may be then take a step back and look at the content you share online. Does it add value? Are your posts creative or run of the mill? Are you encouraging the audience to find out more by posting links or asking open questions? Are you using images and video rather than plain old boring text? Are you posting updates at a time of day that suits your office staff or at the time of day that your target market are online?

Put the customer at the heart of the strategy, think about what they want from connecting with your business online and remember that people ‘buy’ people. Be inspiring, be informative, raise a smile, be different or as @bigtamconnery might say …be ssshpecial.

If I can help then please feel free to get in touch.

*images courtesy of twitter.com

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  1. I totally agree. I think sometimes people who are tweeting or Facebooking for business just overthink it. They're trying too hard to be businesslike or clever. I realised this when my tweet linking to an interesting industry article got one RT and my photo of a cupcake inspired 17 comments!