19 Oct 2011

TED talks ......Bunker Roy

I discovered TED Talks a couple of years ago. Every few months I check in and see what's new. TED talks are presentations from experts on different subjects all based on the concept that good ideas are worth spreading. The talks and speakers are from all walks of life so a quick search is bound to find a talk that suits your business, problem or way of thinking. I thought that I was late to this party and that most people were familiar with TED talks but it seems that some are still to find this hidden gem. 

I posed the question on Twitter & LinkedIn on Monday "What would you talk about if invited to speak at TED Talks?" The responses ranged from "The growth and impact of mobile on web surfing" to "The Importance of Dancing". (this proves that my connections are far from boring!)

You can register to join the TED community, follow the blog, the podcasts or the activity on social networks but in my opinion the best thing about Ted Talks is what you learn. Sometimes you don't learn anything knew, you just remember what you knew all along......that sometimes the solution is simple not complicated, and often the answer is right in front of you. 

The latest talk to be added to my favourites is by an inspiring man called Bunker Roy who talks about solar power, listening to the people on the ground, adapting to situations, effective communication and how competence, confidence and belief are what make a true professional.

In this current economic climate with businesses under pressure and feeling the full force of the recession I think there is a lot businesses can learn from Bunker Roy. You'll need to put the kettle on for this video, it will take up 20 minutes of your day but then, it's 20 minutes well spent if you learn something valuable.

If you've time Caroline Casey's talk on Looking past Limits is also highly recommended.

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18 Oct 2011

Can you pop better than Baby Bang?

The fashion brand ASOS are currently promoting their men’s Autumn/Winter range with a competition entitled "Can you pop better than Baby Bang?" on Facebook and YouTube. Anyone who is street, urban, cool or “sick” will know what this means and that Baby Bang is a16 year old    making waves on the Urban dance scene. The prize is £500 of ASOS vouchers, the title of Urban Tour Champion and all the free publicity and opportunities that go with having your performance shared on social networks.

It’s a winning formula because ASOS are talking the same language as their target audience, the competition is imaginative, and it requires the audience to do something, to contribute in order to join this community.

The fact that people are taking time to record their best moves, posting it to YouTube and Facebook, and willingly sharing that content with ASOS demonstrates the loyalty and trust they have for the brand. They want to be part of the ASOS community; entrants are happy to be associated with the brand as they share the same values or aim to live the lifestyle. ASOS  Facebook page currently has 1,203,465 likes and maintains this volume of followers by giving them what they want:  fashion and styling tips, exclusive competitions, and special offers and behind the scenes access at events. In return ASOS get sales.

I keep banging on about how important it is to understand what customers want from connecting with a brand on social networks and Retweet to win, Read our latest blog or  “like” our Facebook page just won't cut the mustard as more and more businesses battle for customers attention.

If a social campaign isn’t delivering the results your business hoped for then it's worth reviewing your activity before you lay the blame for failure with the social network. If you think this marketing channel won’t work for your sector then think again, check out B&Q or Radio 4 for examples that aren't hip, young or sexy yet successfully use social media to connect with their target audience.
Content is king and if your goal is to build valuable, long term relationships with your customers I’d suggest taking a leaf out of ASOS book and find your business equivalent of "popping better than Baby Bang", possibly less painful than it sounds!

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