12 Sep 2011


Social Media Week is coming to Glasgow, a week of events across the city with a variety of speakers and a multitude of different insights, views and opinions. It’s a great opportunity for those who are interested in social media to learn, share experiences and network.

One of the speakers I’m most interested to hear is Edinburgh based Joe Tree, founder and CEO of blipfoto.  The concept of blipfoto is very simple, take one photo each day and post it to a journal where other members can view and comment on it.  There are no adverts on this site, no brands pushing their products or trying to sell. The site is for personal use only with the exception of charities and not for profit organisations which fits in with the overall ethos. It’s pure, it’s human and I'm finding it addictive! There are skilled photographers posting images of great beauty and then there are beginners like me, snapping away on their mobile phone when something catches their eye.

Blipfoto has created a real sense of community because everyone is sharing. There is the guy who records his skydiving activity (brave!), people capturing images of their family, pictures from and of all walks of life. There is something quite magical and inspirational about it and there is something new every time I visit.

Despite the fact that blipfoto is not for commercial use there is a lot to be learned from the concept. Mainly that unique content, sharing information and respecting others are key ingredients for creating a successful online community .

Of course ROI, measurement and strategy are extremely important but take a moment to step back. Social media isn't about numbers, it's about people, communication, and interaction.

I joined blipfoto simply because I like it and I come back for more because there is always something new to see. Any business using social media should consider these points, don’t let your sales team take over with links and promotions and the constant need to sell, sell, sell! Create a space for your target audience to enjoy and get value from and they will come back for more.


  1. Thanks for putting me in the picture - groans.

    Good points, too, about social media. It's not all about me, me and selling.

  2. Great post Annie, really insightful, makes me want to go see him too