25 May 2011


When I teach my clients Crisis Management I always wear my PR hat and remind them that every cloud has a silver lining. Marmite, love it or hate it, today are proving that point.

Marmite has been banned in Denmark due to a change in the food regulations and Marmite has been quick off the mark asking fans of the brand to take to their social networks to campaign against the ruling. A Twibbon has been created, (a badge for your profile on twitter)to show support for Marmite and the jokes are spreading thick and fast.

The whole of Marmite's marketing campaign is based around the fact that people have a strong reaction to their product. People either love it or hate it, and those who love it stick together, well, they do online anyway.

You can watch the audience grow and the social media antics unfold at Marmite's account on Facebook with it's 635,138 followers and in the last hour they have set up a new Twitter account currently with 422 followers. You can monitor the brand on Twitter with the hashtag #marmite, let's see how quickly the numbers on the accounts increase.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds, I doubt that the Danish government will change their mind about the product but will Marmite see a rise in sales in other countries as a result of all this attention?

Time will tell but one thing is for sure, the team who look after the social media have been quick off the mark, creative and are using humour and the fact their customers are loyal to the brand to turn what could have been a damaging situation into a golden opportunity.

Update - It is 6 hours since I wrote this post and the FB page for Marmite now has 654,066 likes - if I wrote the number down correctly earlier that's an increase of 18,928!!!!! Wow! Twitter has a tiny increase  in comparison with an extra 200 followers but Marmite is trending in the UK.

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