26 Apr 2011

Look beyond the Screen

Love is Like Life but Longer by Poppy de Villeneuve on Vimeo.

When sitting in front of a screen updating your social media accounts are you confident that the updates you post are delivering the correct message to your target audience? Are you speaking their language?

It's essential to see past the computer screen and recognise that real people, current and potential customers are reading the messages you post. These people are all individuals and vary from enthusiastic novices to experts, happy laid back souls to grumpy so and so's, all forming an impression, making assumptions and sharing their opinion with their own networks. How do you reach and engage with so many different personalities when you can't see their face, hear their tone or read their body language?

The first three minutes of this beautiful film by Poppy de Villeneuve highlight how simple it is to form the wrong impression when talking the same language. We've all been there, but when it comes to presenting your business online don't leave it to chance, have a strategy in place. If I can help please feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, click the full screen option and enjoy the film.

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