9 Mar 2011

Facebook - statistics video

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook from Alex Trimpe on Vimeo.

A brief post to share this video by Alex Trimpe , lots of statistics here about Facebook, I particularly like the graphic showing the activity over a 20 minute period.

I often hear businesses claim they can't afford the time to invest in social media. Watch this short video then ask the question "Can I afford NOT to invest?"

Social media for business is a commitment, there is no doubt about it. However a good strategy will be built around the individual business and take in to consideration the resources available.

One size doesn't fit all, if time is an issue then choose the platform where the majority of your customers are. If 85% of your target market use Facebook then focus your energy on the largest audience, rather than trying to juggle a presence on every social network.

It's the best way to achieve your goals and it makes engaging with your audience a pleasure, rather than just another job on the "to do" list.

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