10 Feb 2011

Facebook: What's not to "Like"?

Every business using social media should be measuring and monitoring the activity to ensure ROI, spot trends and develop their strategy to meet the needs of the audience and reach the goals set.

There are many ways to do this but counting the number of "likes" or followers is a questionable form of measurement.

For example, I could set up a FB business page and ask 300 contacts to "like" it. If they are not the correct target market what value does this offer the business? If the FB page attracts only 50 fans, who love the product, buy from the business and recommend it to others surely that's a better reflection of success than counting "likes"?

A FB page could generate huge amounts of traffic for a company website and not receive one single "like". A teenager visiting a FB page about sexual health is unlikely to become a fan as that kind of status update may cause embarrassment amongst peers and relatives. Debt, bullying and infertility are other examples of pages which from the outside may not appear to be engaging many people but the traffic and enquiries could tell a very different story. It's the old adage about never judging books by their covers.

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